The Hospital 基金会 was formed as a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization in 1993 to facilitate fundraising activities for Crawford County Memorial Hospital. This federal designation means the Hospital 基金会 has the ability to accept contributions and donations that are tax-deductible to the donor.

The Hospital 基金会 office is located inside Crawford County Memorial Hospital in the Administration office suite. The Marketing & Development Director, Don Luensmann, is available in the office Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. The phone number is (712) 265-2515.


The Hospital 基金会 of Crawford County is committed to establishing healthier communities by soliciting grants and charitable donations and responsibly managing, then expending, funds to assist the Crawford County Memorial Hospital in fulfilling its mission.


The Hospital 基金会 of Crawford County aspires to provide resources to assist Crawford County Memorial Hospital in identifying and meeting the ever-changing health care needs of the communities we serve.


A contribution to the Hospital 基金会 of Crawford County is an investment in our area’s health. Therefore, the HFCC bases its operations on these fundamental 简单的 价值观:

We will demonstrate fiscal responsibility through wise management of today’s donations to allow us to continue to meet tomorrow’s needs.
We will maintain the public’s trust by always providing truthful answers and by treating everyone we encounter with courtesy and respect.
We will never lose sight of the reason for our existence and will work diligently to fulfill our mission.
We will work collaboratively with the Board of Directors and staff of the Crawford County Memorial Hospital, along with other community partners, to determine how our resources can best meet the health care needs of the communities we serve.
We will provide guidance and direction toward creating healthier communities.
We will support community health projects that provide benefits to individuals regardless of their age, gender or other cultural, 社会, religious or economic factors.